Bulls & Bears kick Start The Week Exploiting And Swerving Upcoming Events.

By Content-mgr - on September 9, 2019

Bulls & Bears kick start the week exploiting and swerving upcoming events.

A quick recap from last Friday indicates that the highly anticipated Non-Farm Payrolls, NFP report which gives a pulse reading of the US employment sector over the previous month was a flop! Out of the expected 160k, only 130k was recorded.  The USD remained supported as more traders gained some confidence based on the Automatic Data Processing, ADP report which beat market expectation 195k instead of 148k. Traders have found the ADP to be correlated with the NFP, hence use it as a precursor. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time that the ADP and NFP have failed to align or support each other’s view.

Interestingly, most assets continued trending in familiar ranges ascribed to them earlier on Friday. Today most Traders are hopefully, calculating the impact of Thursday’s ECB meeting and other data which could drive the markets in either direction.  Namely Brexit talks, US-China trade negotiations, Oil Meetings, and other impromptu or scheduled events.

Global Stocks:

Today global stocks were seen up tending. From the Asian Market which was bolstered by some soft Chinese data to the European market lifted by some a surprise increase in German Exports, while the US followed suit in a domino effect.

Technical Analysis Report 9th September 2019

US Stock Market (Wall Street)


  • USA30 was caught testing the 26,851.00 thresholds if breached, a rally to 27,000.00. could be in the pipelines.

1st Resistance Level: 27.000.00

2nd Resistance Level: 26.851.00

Support Level: 26.696.00

EU Stock Market

Germany 30:

  • Germany 30 attempts to test the 12, 220.00 level, in case the futures succeeds in breaching this resistance level, we may see the DAX30 on its way to 12,283.00.

1st Resistance Level: 12.283.00

2nd Resistance Level: 12.220.00

Support Level: 12.160.00


  • UK100 futures will be testing 7,320.00 thresholds if breached, uptrends to 7,392.00 are highly plausible.

1st Resistance Level: 7.392.00

2nd Resistance Level: 7.320.00

Support Level: 7.272.00

Italy 40:

  • Italy 40: Was observed up trending.

1st Resistance Level: 22.185.00

2nd Support Level: 21.915.00

Support Level: 21.876.00

Asia Stock Markets


  • HongKong50 tests the 26,700.00 level, if it’s succeesful in breaching this resistance level, we may see the Futures climb 27.263.00.

1st Resistance Level: 27.263.00

2nd Resistance Level: 26.700.00

Support Level: 26.388.00

Malaysia 70

  • Malaysia 70 index rebounded from 13.722.00 level (Support).
  • Malaysia 70 index testing down trend line.

Resistance Level: 13.840.00

Support Level: 13.722.00

Australian Stock Markets


AUS200 index testing 6.659.00 level (Resistance).

AUS200 index testing the resistance line of up channel.

Resistance Level: 6.659.00

Support Level: 6.625.00


WTI Crude Oil:

  • WTI Oil testing 57.23 level (Resistance).

Resistance Level: 57.23

Support Level: 56.33


  • Gold aims to test 1502.00 level (Support).

Resistance Level: 1510.00

Support Level: 1502.00


US Dollar Index (DXY)

  • DXY index testing 98.450 level (Resistance).

Resistance Level: 98.450

Support Level: 98.035


  • GBP/USD pair rebounded from the 1.2270 (Support line)

Resistance Level: 1.23260

Support Level: 1.22700


  • EUR/USD pair trading in a sideways range.

Resistance Level: 1.10479

Support Level: 1.10260


  • USD/JPY pair trades sideways.

Resistance Level: 107.230

Support Level: 106.662


  • BTC/USD Pair was down-trending.

Resistance Level: 10.200.00

Support Level: 9.900.00


  • ETH/USD pair trading in a sideways range.

Resistance Level: 180.00

Support Level: 175.00


Global Stocks:

US Stock Markets (Wall Street):

    testing resistance levels.

EU Stock Markets:

   testing resistance levels.

  • Asia Stock Markets:

      testing resistance levels.

Australian Stock Market

      testing resistance levels.

  • Forex: USD (DXY) trading in a sideways range.
  • Commodities: trading in a sideways range.
  • Cryptocurrencies: in a downtrend.

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