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Nike's stock rose 1.2%
The last session saw Nike shares gain 1.2%. The…

Shares of Tesla exploded 6.3%
Tesla's stock skyrocketed 6.3% in the last session. According…

WTI/USD dove 1.3%
The Oil-Dollar pair dove 1.3% in the last session.…

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Read what our clients say about us

N. Müller
April 11, 2024
Xtrade for me is exactly that type of broker which suits my demands.
There is a very broad list of CFDs and it's cool, one can easily get into trading regardless of the prior experience and skills. Those intolerant to risks can trade or invest money into Bonds or ETFs. Those daredevils like me can work with dicier assets like shares and cryptos. 1:50 leverage for bitcoin fully covers my needs.
As for the engine, no delays in execution and full set of tools, commended!
Joost Meijer
March 17, 2024
I think I ended up trading with an excellent broker 🙂 I am still at the beginning of my trading journey and still learning the basics of trading, but after some time trading on a demo, I decided to open a real account and see the difference. I found out about Xtrade from a guy I follow on YouTube. He was using this broker and said to myself: if it is a good broker for him as an experienced trader, it must be a good one for me as well…
Fridrich Maslo
February 28, 2024
There are multiple account types and I believe many traders will appreciate that. Of course, it is an advantage to the broker, but clients also get their money's worth with the accounts. As for the trading conditions, the spreads are really tight. The trades are also executed at superspeeds, largely eliminating slippage and requotes. It is just nice to have a broker with nearly everything I need.
Manolis Kiropulos
February 14, 2024
Let me start by saying that I am happy with what I got from this broker. Now I will explain why I am satisfied. First of all, of course, trading conditions. Such spreads as here give me opportunity to get more profit from each trade. Secondly, this broker is known among traders for its reliability. Company has existed for a long time, which indicates its stable position and high ability to resist competitors. And thirdly, it seems to me that to become more professional trader one should use more professional tools. Such as this broker offers.
Sharip Smagullov
February 15, 2024
The main peculiarity of this trading platform - its custom software. It performs well enough, it wasn't habitual to me to trade on it, and I even felt like a blind kitten in the beginning, but a couple of days of trading and a couple of questions asked - here I am. I adapted. Now I already know what instruments to use, how to setup stop losses, take profits, apply indicators, draw on the chart and other stuff. The range of offered assets is big enough and conditions are also cool. Leverage size is moderate, something I admire.
Diogo I
January 30, 2024
I like the platform a lot because it has everything available... the platform has the necessary trading tools, an economic calendar, education... and a lot more. Some of these things are not as useful as the others, but some are pretty important.
January 08, 2024
Xtrade platform pretty much comes to my liking. It is unusual and that is something captivating for me. Of course, this uniqueness made me stuck to some extent, because when I firstly entered the website it was quite difficult to sort things out. However, after a couple of trading days, I realized that this broker is something I can entrust my funds to. And data of course. The broker is fully legit, there's a speedy, custom trading platform that doesn't concede MT in performance. All instruments are at my disposal, so I don't complain whatsoever.
Dindo Fabbri
January 17, 2024
I am not going to lie, initially this broker wasn't of my favor. Everything was because of quite restricted leverage for trading cryptos, but then I dug the essence. Cryptocurrencies seem to be the riskiest and the most volatile asset, so this is just a protection from the company from those excessive risks people tend to take on. I am an adventurous person, risks truly drive me crazy. But due to Xtrade, its education, its commitment to enclose me from making unwise decisions, I now realize how it's important to understand your risk tolerance.
Andrew Kent
October 11, 2023
Because of the unique nature of the broker's trading platform, a unique experience is guaranteed. It clearly highlights the difference between xtrade and other brokers making them really stand out. The question is often time raised, if a broker's proprietary platform is reliable. From my experience with them, traders can count on the platform that the broker has provided. Xtrade di pay a lot of attention to the needs of traders in creating their software.
Herr Springer
September 08, 2023
I really like their website, it brings back the 00s vibes with its design 😀 Aside from that, it is a piece of cake navigating on this type of website. It is a click away from anything you might need to explore or to inform yourself about some trade conditions. Kudos to Xtrade for choosing practicality over the fancy design. The same is true with their trading platform. Super simple and efficient. Again they focused on providing a simple and powerful platform, that works smoothly and executes quickly. I appreciate that they don’t charge trading fees at all, only spreads 👍
Alojz Knez
August 03, 2023
So far xtrade is my favorite broker. They offer a lot of goods and are useful for traders. I like almost everything that they provide and I am telling about xtrade to all the guys who are interested in trading or already experienced ones. If you once enter their web page and do some research you will understand all the exceptional stuff about xtrade.😘