Will Reddit be a Profitable Stock?

By X-blogger - on June 24, 2024

Reddit, a popular social media platform where users anonymously participate in discussions across various topic-specific forums called subreddits, has recently gone public after over 18 years as a private company. This decision has become a significant event in the tech IPO landscape. The company’s shares surged by 48% on the first day of trading in March, starting at an IPO price of $34 and continuing to trade above this initial price. However, the question on many investors’ minds is whether Reddit will prove to be a profitable stock in the long run.

On May 7th, the company posted a substantial quarterly loss of over $500 million in its first earnings report. This loss was primarily due to stock-based compensation expenses related to its IPO.

Financial Performance and Growth

Despite the hefty loss, Reddit’s revenue and user growth paint a promising picture. The company reported revenue of $243 million in the first quarter of 2024, a 48% increase from $163.7 million the previous year, surpassing Wall Street estimates. The number of daily active users also saw an increase, jumping 37% year-over-year to 82.7 million.

Unique Position in the Social Media Landscape

Reddit stands out in the social media sector due to its unique structure. Users operate anonymously and engage in discussions within topic-specific forums known as subreddits. This distinct model not only sets Reddit apart from platforms like Facebook and Twitter but also makes it a valuable resource for training AI models.

Potential in AI and Digital Advertising

Reddit has pitched itself as a key player in the AI boom. Companies like OpenAI utilize Reddit’s vast troves of user-generated content to train large language models. CEO Steve Huffman has emphasized the potential of Reddit’s data in the training of future AI models, marking it an asset.

The company’s primary revenue stream comes from digital advertising, a model proven successful for larger social media companies like Meta Platforms. Reddit also aims to expand into e-commerce, leveraging its active user base that already engages in niche marketplaces within subreddits.

Profitability: A Long Road Ahead

Despite the optimistic revenue growth and strategic positioning, Reddit is not currently profitable. In 2023, the company reported a GAAP loss of $90.8 million on $804 million in revenue. Even adjusted EBITDA figures show a loss of $69.3 million. The company also reported negative free cash flow, losing $84.8 million.

That said, Reddit’s margins have improved, and losses have narrowed due to controlled expenses. Notably, the company did achieve profitability in the second half of 2023, reporting a net income of $10.2 million on $557 million in revenue. This suggests that while Reddit has historically struggled with profitability, there are signs of potential financial health on the horizon.

Conclusion: A High-Potential Growth Stock

Reddit’s IPO has (removed) excited investors, and its unique platform combined with the potential for AI applications positions it as a standout in the tech market. However, for Reddit to be a successful long-term investment, it will need to achieve consistent profitability. The company’s recent profitability in the latter half of 2023 is a positive sign, but maintaining this trend will be crucial.

Investors should be prepared for significant volatility with Reddit stock. The company’s unprofitable history and recent IPO status add layers of risk. However, if Reddit can capitalize on its AI and e-commerce opportunities and manage its costs effectively, it could become a lucrative investment. As with any IPO stock, potential investors should weigh the risks against the rewards and consider their own risk tolerance before diving in.

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