Interesting CFD Trading Stories

By Gergios Vergakis - on January 1, 2017

There are CFD trading stories about this or that trader who made millions fast. But the methods or markets involved were surprisingly different that suspected.

Best CFD Trading Stories of Success

Some of the best CFD trading stories are about traders who thought differently than the rest. So we know about a trader – investor who made $2 million dollars though trading CFDs on sugar. And also about various scalpers and day traders who also made good money, at a similar percentage gain rate. The sugar trader was rich already, or at least able to somehow fund large exposure to the sugar market through leveraged CFDs. He simply bought sugar at the right time. And sugar simply followed the rest of the commodities higher and higher over few months. The probability of success was high, as sugar was coming out of a multi year down trend. And he even kept buying new dips on the way. The scalpers and day traders were mostly poor people, or at least people who could not afford to lose big money in the markets. So they put less money and much more active trading time. But they were able to make very good money over few months to 2 years. Much more than their former day job paid. So examples as these are stories of success. Since all these traders were very selective in the markets and methods they used. They knew how to trade CFD contracts and how to manage risk. And used a good CFD trading company, what is known as a broker. And these are not the only examples, there are more success stories of people trading various markets. And not two of these people think alike when it comes to trading. Each one is unique, in many ways. This emphasizes the complexity and opportunity seen in the financial markets. Remember that a market is not simply up and down, there’s also cost of leverage. Also known as foreign exchange currency swap in the forex market, which is either paid to you, or paid by you as a trader. Complexity is immense in all markets, even in that sugar market where one would think it’s just another commodity. It’s not, you can actually assess and calculate market risk in sugar. Based on seasonal and fundamental data.

CFD trading stories
Traders never really reveal the secrets behind the success. But it seems they all broke this or that classic trading rule, and somehow did something differently than the rest. Because some classic trading rules are severely outdated or have been wrong all along. The majority of traders don’t dare to break classic trading rules because their strong discipline won’t allow it. The daredevil on the other hand has no problem breaking a rule or two.

Wild CFD Trading Stories

Some strange CFD trading stories sometimes come from wild traders, who took all kinds of risks to make their money. And while they don’t reveal their trade secrets, they do in fact make more money than you could possibly believe. And it’s not about using some magical forex calculator software, which tells them when to trade and when not to trade. Rather, they use years of experience, huge stops which defy belief, and risk management. The weird thing is that they are no more capable of predicting market direction than anybody else. These wild traders are daredevils willing to take more risk than normal. They simply cut losers short through empirical assessment skills. We have no way of knowing their secrets, but it’s safe to assume that they use some kind of mental stop strategy. It could be mental stops in the time domain. Or a more complex approach to assessing open trades. It looks risky because the trades need plenty of room to prove themselves, this means huge stops. But despite looking so messy, risk is actually less than it would otherwise be. Because they somehow feel the probability of the trade, and take action when necessary.Australian traders are savvy traders who tend to apply such wild trading methods, and to break classic, limiting trading rules. The kind of CFD trading Australia witnesses, does involve many such trading ideas. Which may in fact be innovative.

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