Largest monthly decline in 4 years recorded by Bitcoin and other Cryptos

By andreyS - on January 31, 2018

Not a good month for Cryptocurrencies, not at all indeed. Short traders are profiting, obviously, but those who were betting for the rise are having hard times watching all major cryptocurrencies drop in value. Bitcoin slumped 6.3% at $10,199 by 5:58AM ET (11:58GMT) on the Bitfinex exchange. Prices are down around 25% so far this month, the worst monthly performance since December 2013. Ethereum ETH/USD the world’s second largest cryptocurrency lost 5.3% to $1,101.00 on the Bitfinex exchange, while Ripple’s XRP token was trading down 7.8% at $1.1231 on the Poloniex exchange.

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