Is Forex Trading Online Made Easy?

By Gergios Vergakis - on April 5, 2016

Is really forex trading online made easy through all these training courses, or are they all intended to sell new naive traders on promises and marketing hype?

Is Forex Trading Online Made Easy through Education Or Not?

New traders are indeed naive and delusional about many aspects of trading. Just like they are delusional about many other professions. Professions are where if you don’t have a set of proprietary and unique skills, you will fail. Forex trading online made easy is what many training courses and seminars imply they have done, and are now offering you. They all assume that you are a committed, fully devoted trader who will follow their advice and will make good money in the markets. But this is not so in real life. Most profitable traders have learned to trade through such mentors and training courses, but their profitability is less than $3 per hour. That is less that many fast food companies pay their staff. So it’s not even worth mentioning as trading success, because it’s not success at all. $3 an hour, trading forex is a total failure. Live forex rates pose great risks to your capital, they are worth trading them and taking these risks. But only if you can make much more than $3 an hour. Forex trading online made easy is actually real. Trading has been made easier in recent years. But if one doesn’t have enough trading skills they will fail, regardless of how easy trading has become. And these skills are not fully provided in any training course, book, or seminar. Aspects of trading that have become easier, are things like reading a market chart, and placing a trade at best possible price through today’s sophisticated CFD trading platforms. And that’s about it. Training has become easier too, but along with good knowledge, traders are also taught all kinds of nonsense and about some useless indicators. So misleading information has found its way through just as easily. All through improved educational resources.

Trading Online Made Easy
Trading online has been made easier, but unless you push your limits so as to excel, you will end up becoming the average profitable forex trader who makes less per hour than fast food staff make. In other words, seriously profitable trading is EXTREMELY  difficult to achieve, and neither technology nor training courses can address the key causes of failure. It’s a fact, the average profitable trader makes less than $3 an hour and very very few make $500 or $5000 per day. No training course, no matter how advanced, will serve you  real profitability know-how, on a silver platter!

Trading Online Made Easy in All Markets?

Trading online made easy through technology and access to better trading mentors is real, in various markets. Perhaps even more so in the commodities markets, which are not among the most popular markets. As most traders focus on stocks and major currencies. But commodities are very interesting as they offer some unique opportunities. Basically, there is less to analyze in a commodity market, it’s all about supply and demand and little else. So the new trader stands a better chance of winning. And through online CFD trading the new trader can eliminate a great number of risks. But it does take dedication, strong will, and a creative mind to figure these things out. Commodities however do provide a very favorable trading environment, through their simplicity and through liquid CFD trading.

If a trader can make money in commodities, continuously, for 6 months. Then they will become a very good trader in other markets too. There are so many different time frames to trade commodities. And correlated stocks and forex pairs, so in effect commodity trading overlaps with stock and forex trading. All trading online made easy through commodities, is a sure way to trade safer and have faith in what you do. Commodities carry a lot of wight, it’s a fact. You only need to see what happens in the direct physical world around you. When crude oil prices move to extreme lows or highs. It’s all real markets and real impact. Extending to currencies and using an online forex trading platform, traders have a world of comfort and wide access. Many good traders who make millions today, trading forex. Actually started their trading as commodity traders, being specialists in one commodity. And when they fail to sustain profitable trading in a new currency, they switch back to commodities and their correlated currencies. When you are, first and foremost, a good commodity trader, nobody can tell you that trading is a losing war. Even if your trading fails in other markets, commodities prove that markets are not random. And that you can be a specialist trader who doesn’t trade at random. Moreover, the forex trading international community is a group of very street wise people. Some of them engage in forex carry trading and other advanced hedging techniques. There’s a lot of preparation, and a lot of funds have to be committed in those strategies. But trading is indeed easy and profitability is amazing. Think that a carry trade strategy , utilizing $50,000, can generate $300 per trading day. That’s about $60,000 per year. And the only reason many traders cannot do this, is due to their inability to hedge directional carry trade risk.  It costs a lot in terms of expertise, capital costs are acceptable, at $50,000. But making $300 per trading day, at no risk of getting wiped out, that is the definition of easy trading in today’s markets.

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