A Speculative Choice for Profitable Short-Term Trading

By X-blogger - on June 23, 2023


Virgin Galactic, the groundbreaking space tourism company, has been capturing the attention of traders looking to harness short-term profit opportunities. The company has been in business for over 20 years, and it has recently made significant progress in developing its technology.

In 2021, the company successfully completed its first commercial spaceflight, and it is now preparing to launch more flights in the near future.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why Virgin Galactic can be a valuable option for short-term trading, allowing traders to capitalize on its potential for rapid price movements and market sentiment.

Trading Opportunities:

Currently, with its low price and ability to react swiftly to positive news, Virgin Galactic has become an enticing choice for those seeking profitable short-term trades.

Three main reasons why Virgin Galactic could be a good trading opportunity:

  • 1. The company’s stock price is very low.
  • 2. There is a lot of potential for short-term gains if there is any good news about the company.

The low price of Virgin Galactic’s stock could make it a valuable choice for short-term trading. If the company announces any positive news, such as the successful completion of another commercial spaceflight, its stock price could go up significantly. However, it is important to remember that short-term trading is a risky activity, and the stock price of Virgin Galactic could go down when there is negative disclosure.

For short-term traders who are adept at capitalizing on market dynamics and have a high tolerance for risk, currently, the low price of Virgin Galactic shares can present enticing. Short-term traders who can navigate the volatile nature of the stock may be able to capitalize on positive news catalysts, such as successful test flights, regulatory approvals, or high-profile partnerships. Especially when it has successfully completed a commercial spaceflight, its stock price could go up significantly.

By staying abreast of the company’s developments and carefully monitoring market sentiment, traders may find opportunities to profit from short-term price movements.

Virgin Galactic’s stock price reached historical low below $3 on April 6, 2023.

In June, the stock price of Virgin Galactic experienced a remarkable surge of over 80%, skyrocketing from $3.5 on June 1, to $6 on June 20, subsequent to the company’s late May announcement of their inaugural paid space tourism flight. Virgin Galactic has officially commenced commercial spaceflight service on June 15, 2023, with the first paying customers set to fly in August.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle is designed to carry six passengers and two pilots to an altitude of over 50 miles, where they will experience a few minutes of weightlessness and stunning views of Earth. The entire spaceflight experience takes about 90 minutes. Virgin Galactic is currently accepting reservations for spaceflights, with tickets starting at $450,000. The company has sold over 800 tickets to date.

Compare to its historical high of $52 in 2021, there is a lot of room for speculation and upside in stock prices.

Volatility as an Advantage:

Virgin Galactic’s stock has exhibited notable volatility since its IPO, presenting traders with ample opportunities to profit from short-term price swings. The stock’s propensity for sharp rises and falls can create an ideal environment for traders to enter and exit positions swiftly. By closely monitoring the company dynamic and leveraging technical analysis techniques, traders can potentially identify advantageous entry and exit points, maximizing their chances for profitable trades.

Catalysts for Price Movements:

Virgin Galactic’s stock price is highly responsive to significant news events, making it an attractive choice for short-term traders. Positive developments such as successful test flights, new partnerships, or regulatory approvals often trigger rapid price surges. Traders who keep a close eye on the company’s announcements and developments can position themselves to take advantage of these catalysts. By staying informed and acting swiftly, traders can ride the momentum created by positive news and potentially generate substantial profits.

Technical Analysis Opportunities:

Virgin Galactic’s price chart provides ample opportunities for traders to apply technical analysis strategies. The stock’s frequent price swings, combined with identifiable patterns and indicators, offer traders a framework for making informed trading decisions. Whether utilizing chart patterns, trend analysis, or oscillators, technical analysis can aid traders in identifying potential entry and exit points, optimizing their chances for profitable trades in the short term.

Short-Term Trading Strategies:

Short-term traders have the opportunity to utilize a diverse range of strategies to take advantage of the price volatility exhibited by Virgin Galactic. One effective approach is day trading, which involves opening and closing positions within a single trading session. Given the stock’s low price, traders can leverage their positions and execute trades in both directions, aiming for higher profitability if the trade moves in their favor. By carefully selecting the most suitable strategy and adapting it to the prevailing market conditions, traders can align their trades with the stock’s price behavior and potentially generate consistent profits.

Long-Term Investment Risks:

Despite the allure of space tourism, Virgin Galactic has yet to generate substantial revenue or turn a profit. The company’s shares soared following successful test flights or positive announcements, only to plummet when faced with setbacks or delays. Such unpredictable swings can be detrimental to long-term investors seeking stability and consistent growth.


Virgin Galactic’s stock offers an enticing opportunity for short-term traders looking to capitalize on rapid price movements and market sentiment. Its volatility, coupled with catalysts for price swings and technical analysis opportunities, creates a favorable environment for profitable trades. However, it is essential for traders to approach short-term trading with diligence, employing risk management techniques, setting clear profit targets and stop-loss orders, and being prepared to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions. While short-term trading in Virgin Galactic may present profitable opportunities, it is important to remember that it carries inherent risks and should be approached with caution. By leveraging the stock’s potential and applying sound trading strategies, traders can unlock valuable short-term trading opportunities within the dynamic landscape of Virgin Galactic.

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