Oil Surges, U.S. Exits Iranian Nuclear deal

By Content-mgr - on May 9, 2018


Once again Oil prices have been bolstered back to it’s 3 and half year highs, following the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Iranian nuclear deal, ahead of today’s Crude Oil inventories report by the Energy Information Administration. (EIA). Crude Oil was seen ranging between $69.85 – $71.16 with further upside till the report is released.

Other commodities like Gold, Silver, and Copper have been lingering to the downside, as the USD, (Greenback) gained momentum to 4 months highs as yields climb up.

Global stocks began the day on a rocky footing, after digesting the news of Donald Trumps’s exit from the Iranian deal. However, EU share surged lead by UK’s FTSE  upbeat corporate earnings reports from companies like Voda phone and Royal Dutch Shell.

The day will be teaming with opportunities for trading as the day’s events unfold.

USD  Stocks are expected to rise.

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