In Times Of Uncertainties, Wisdom Must Be Applied To The Acquired Trading knowledge.

 In times of Uncertainties, Wisdom must be applied to the acquired knowledge. Trading on Economic Reports or Data releases is one of the most common strategies which many market participants embrace in times like this when the markets are see-sawing. This post is a compilation from one of our webinar materials which with the intent […]

Taking The Markets Pulse. Ahead Of Fed Rate Decision & Oil Stockpiles Report amid Q2 -2019 Earnings announcement.

Taking the Markets pulse. Ahead of Fed Rate Decision & Oil Stockpiles report amid Q2 -2019 Earnings announcement Market participants will be engaging in taking the pulse of the market, in an attempt to gauge likely ranging patterns on their chosen assets. All this will be going on ahead of the usual weekly American Petroleum […]

It’s A Dash For The Weekend. Some Investors And Traders Breathe Easy,

It’s a dash for the weekend. Some investors and traders breathe easy, for surviving another whipsawing week. Traders are, however, becoming experienced in regards to how to deal with the various trends or market nemesis which at the same time posse as rewards that are camouflaged. Once again as Traders and Investors prepare to close […]

The Market Conforms To Another Tuesday Tango With All Markets In Full Session.

The Market conforms to another Tuesday Tango with all Markets in Full Session. Trade & Tariffs keeps markets spiced. This week market participants will be exposed to the delivery of a variety of economic indicators such as various PPI’s (Producer Price Index), CPI’s (Consumer Price Index), GDP’s (Gross Domestic Products), Oil inventories and more.  For […]

China Hits Back, Uber Skids Of Headlines, Cryptocurrencies & Oil.

China Hits Back, Uber Skids of Headlines, Cryptocurrencies & Oil. Tuesday Market Tango. As usual markets are in anticipation of the day’s American Petroleum Institutes, API weekly Oil stock piles report to gauge and upcoming trends. Bearing in mind the politics surround Oil pricing and efforts by the US to reduce prices to its liken […]

The Markets Apprehension Over US Imposition Of Tariffs On $200 Billion of Chinese Goods Had Generated Quite A Scare.

The Markets apprehension over US imposition of Tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods had generated quite a scare. In global markets for over a year. Deliberations and negotiation to avert a tit for tat or protracted war were viewed by Traders and investors as welcoming. Especially since the Trade discord raises more tensions and […]